Helping Hands Refugee Program  grew out of a desire by Board Member Alyce Litz. She has been mentoring refugee families for the past five years and saw what a great need there is for these families to get acclimated to life in the United States.  Please join her in our efforts to make a difference in someone's life.

   Helping Hands Refugee Program 

We have developed an excellent model for mobilizing church members’ to serve needy refugee families thru the "Helping Hands Refugee Program.”

The Helping Hands Refugee program addresses the needs of refugees coming to America.  Have you ever thought what it would be like to be sent to a foreign country without any preparation?   All you can take is what you can carry in your arms.  You do not know the language and you do not know anyone in the city where you are going.  It is a world away from your culture and you have no money.

Refugee women have arrived in DuPage County under these cirucmstances.  Our program reaches out to Somali/Bantu women and their children who need to learn basic daily living skills, language, budgeting, communication and conflict management.  We need to support them in friendship as most of them have come here without the benefit of education in their own country, let alone any education about living in America.

Helping Hands meets every Wednesday, except during the summer months, for a time for learning, sharing and fun.  Our meetings are designed to apply practical lessons and put them into action.  The women are shown how to do simple tasks, such as easy meal preparation and cleaning. We would also like to expand the program to include a monthly home visit by  volunteers.

Here is where you can become involved!   We need volunteers for our meetings and to visit the women in their apartments.  Churches can sponsor a collection drive to help us with needed products such as soap, shampoo, paper towels, cleaning supplies and diapers.  We also need funds to purchase refreshments and supplies for our monthly meetings.  Please consider ways in which you can help and become involved. 

If interested in learning more about this program, call 630-512-8673 

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