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The Clearinghouse Process


Love INC receives requests for help by telephone from churches and pastors, organizations, individuals and families (clients).



The need is reviewed and analyzed by Love INC intake volunteers or staff at the Clearinghouse.  Working cooperatively with area organizations, Love INC:

·         Examines the nature, extent, and legitimacy of the client’s need.

·         Determines what help the client has already received from agencies or churches.

·         Ensures the need is manageable and specific.


Referrals & Financial Assistance 

After the client need(s) is analyzed and verified, the need is referred to the appropriate help:

·         Clients requiring urgent or highly specialized help are referred to appropriate agencies.  These types of referrals could include medical, psychiatric, substance abuse, legal, other services.  

·         Clients who are chronically in need (i.e. have no income) are referred to agencies for food, transportation and shelter needs.  'Life Skills' programs that can help them improve their current situation are offered, for example, employment services, vocational skills classes, budget counseling, parenting skills or other programs available in the community to meet their specific needs. 

·         Clients requiring financial assistance to help them over a temporary financial crisis are referred to local agencies and ministry that provide financial assistance to go through their qualification process.  Additionally, if the family can normally pay their expenses with their income, but is experiencing a temporary inability to pay their rent, a utility bill or a car repair, LOVE will further screen to determine if the caller is eligible for LOVE Help financial assistance. 



The client is helped by LOVE, a local agencies or a church ministry and the need is met.



The Clearinghouse follows-up with clients who received referrals to determine if the referral helped them meet their immediate and long-term needs.  The Clearinghouse follows up with all callers who receive funds to determine if the financial crisis was averted and if the caller is back on their feet.  The Clearinghouse follows-up to determine if the caller completed one of the suggested Like Skills programs to improve their future situation and provide additional meeting times or referrals as needed.   A phone call from a local pastor or church volunteer is also offered.



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